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The story begins in Lwów, an important cultural centre of Poland.

The city has passed from Polish hands to Russian, then back to being a Polish territory, only to later be handed back to the Russians at the end of World War II. Lwów held the rank of the Second Polish Republic’s third most populous city (after Warsaw and Łódź), and was, at times, second most important cultural and academic centre in Poland. Furthermore, the geographic location of Lwów gave it an important role in stimulating international trade and fostering the city’s and Poland’s economic development. It eventually became part of an independent Ukraine and as I complete this project the same territory is once again being contested with the military might of Russia once again trying to reclaim it.
Here is where two families were living their life, unaware of the existence of the other one. What they had to endure before they were able to meet in the end is fascinating and the way fate brought them together is rather surprising. Despite having started in the same city, fate separated them from being aware of one another’s existence until they encountered each other in London.

“Had our hometown been located only a few miles
further west, the events that unfolded simply would
not have happened. It is interesting the twist of
fate, if any, would have united these hugely different
families?” This book gives incredible power and
beauty to the memories of this family.




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