IN MY SOLITUDE – Pawel Jankiewicz

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Pawel Jankiewicz, born in 1982, is a writer from Sieradz, Poland. He finished law school in Lodz with a thesis on art scandals and their normative entanglements, and his literary project keeps the commitments between the official and the unofficial. For well over a decade, it is sustained by precarious jobs: from bars of London to warehouses of Berlin.
He’s been engaged in numerous collaborations: local literary groups (AHAB), the streetart milieu (Noriaki), galleries (P145), residencies (ZK/U), festivals (Fluctoplasma), parainstitutions (Salon 321), and individual artists (Ashar Mumtaz). He published in literary magazines (“tau”), academic journals (with Pablo Arboleda), and within platforms for nonorthodox discourse (Racjonalista). His inquiry of the in-distinct indistinct, within the urban as well as the artistic, is steadily advanced in the zine “Distinct Inside” (with Michael Hazell).
Politically active, and taking sides, he’s a member of DiEM25, Left Unity, and Lewica Razem in Berlin.


Interview – Conoscere TV


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