I am Semba – Ajeka & Fox

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Is there a chance that a democratically elected African President can steer his country that lies below the equator to be an ethically, non-corruptive, law-abiding place to live?
Could he achieve a similar sort of headway that Singapore succeeded to attain?
Will this president become threatened by his countless enemies and stripped of his resources to then go about his work in an honest and undisputed way?
Will the plundering and corruption that has been Africa’s trademark for centuries prevail?
In this thought-provoking and intriguing novel, President Joshua Luombe Semba and his loyal team try to thwart an attack and prove precisely the opposite.
Acting strongly and following his own belief and naivety, Semba goes through thick and thin – earning himself his nickname Tinga Tinga – the bulldozer.
His wananchi’s, the proud citizens of Tanzania, are baffled. Slowly but surely, they too fall under the spell of the vigour and intensity.
How long will he hang on in there?
Read the philosophical verging on a true story written by the anonymous world citizen Ajeka & Fox, who wish to protect their creative privacy. For the consequences remain uncertain in this somewhat grisly tropical neck of the woods.

“A chilling novel – sometimes more bloodthirsty than idyllic.”
“A revelation, the true dilemmas of darkest Africa revealed.”
“When do you get an opportunity to read about the inside
stories of romantic African presidents?”


Official Website: https://www.ajekafox.com/

Ig Profile: @Akeja&Fox

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