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How Permaculture changed my life explores the process of growth of agricultural ecosystems in a self-sufficient and sustainable way. This form of agriculture draws inspiration from nature to develop synergetic farming systems based on diversity, resilience, productivity, and sustainability. This lifestyle is focused on the idea that everything that leaves one system enters into another, we just need to find the perfect balance to give to and receive fully from our land. Permaculture involves reading the landscape and taking care of it in small steps, creating a healthier and more sustainable environment, reducing our impact on the Earth.
The writer is a designer and teacher, and this book is the result of her 20 years of experience with Permaculture. It gives a 360-degree view on how to maintain and design a productive ecosystem to be fully integrated with the landscape that surrounds us. Karmela Kiš’ work is for anyone who is interested in working with nature and taking this long but lifechanging journey to treasure Earth.

Karmela Kiš has lived according to Permaculture since 2001. Before she started her courses, 71-year-old Karmela graduated in English and French language and literature at Zagreb University, worked in a hunting agency and also went for UN mission in Zagreb and Osijek. She graduated as a Permaculture teacher and designer in 2010, and since then she has started Permaculture Design Certificate, a 72-hour program held in Croatian and English, along with her late husband. In 2014 they also wrote a book entitled Permakultura. She moved to Vis Island after the 2020 earthquake.


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