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Pages: 269
Language: English
ISBN 9791220127004

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Guardians of Time – Lost in a storm, three friends find themselves catapulted into a new dimension. Continuous twists and turns will kidnap you in an alluring novel where History mixes with Modernity. Will our heroes be able to unravel a secret hidden for centuries?

Janja Naglič – A 38-year-old political scientist who has never hidden her great love for books. She adores the fragrant new ones but, above all, the old ones that carry with them so many stories – those that are written and especially those that are not…
Nature and family mean the most to her, as she spends her life in an idyllic house on top of a hill with her partner Marko and her lively daughter Alica. Love, Respect, Friendship are among the most valuable things in life.
The youth novel Guardians of Time is her first book in a trilogy (but it can also be read as a standalone novel), the sequel is titled The Knight’s Tournament, and the third book, Time, is still in the making.


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