GOLD TO SILVER FOR SILVER TO GOLD – Santiago Gutiérrez García

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Pages: 209
Language: English
ISBN 9791220121248

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In Gold to Silver for Silver to Gold, the author aims to frame our existence into a pair of tables designed for organising the use of our imagination. Several plans or levels of interpretation are offered to the readers, ranging from a huge material coming from Philosophy, Physics, Astrophysics, Religions…, his reflections are inviting to participate in the development of a blueprint conceived for the advancement to a next level of civilization.

Santiago Gutiérrez García was born in Barcelona, Spain 1980. The author collected different experiences in multivariate fields, ranging from Mechanics to Arts. He describes himself as a poor person who learn by putting attention on the run. He specialized in plastic art, sculpture, paint. He worked as interior designer for some public spaces and cultural associations in Spain. He lived in Mexico, Cuba, Australia, UK and Switzerland, where he could observe our ancient traces at museums like the British Museum or the Australian Museum. Now he’s been living in Vanuatu for seven years where he could spend time studying local culture, climatology, religious texts and philosophy, focusing on Plato and his Socratic dialogues.


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