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Pages: 202
Language: English
ISBN 9791220121262

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Gentleman Vampire is the result of Kammer’s biting creativity and desire for composing stories about people in different social situations.
The story takes place in the fantastic Sentry City, where the reader becomes immersed in scenes of ferocious attacks by rogue vampires on humans.
The guiding thread throughout the book is the attraction between Hamish Stuart and Dr Lilith Thorne. She was abandoned as a toddler by her father and seems to pick the wrong man all the time. Will a three-hundred and fifty-three-year-old vampire be the one? Will his dissimilarity scare her away? This story is a reflection of the varied, multi-shaped, multiracial and very often dangerous society. Plotting and betrayal are perpetrated by people who we think are friends to us. All these issues are cleverly conceived by the author in an intriguing whirlwind of people, lives and stories.
It represents a look into our souls to find what scares us, what sparks our curiosity. It is a trip in our minds to understand what we are willing to fight for to protect our beloved ones. It is an exciting and challenging story that will catch the reader’s attention.

M. A. Kammer grew up in small town Saskatchewan, Canada, one of nine children. She trained as a nurse then traveled to Australia for work and adventure. She now lives in Melbourne, Australia. She has always had a creative view of the world so the idea of writing a book grew more and more when she joined a writing group. One of her favorite pastimes is making up stories about the people around her in any social situation. Her favorite books are historical, fantasy and paranormal, so it is no surprise that she writes paranormal fiction.


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