FAREWELL WENDY – Michele J Dulay

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Pages: 58
Language: English
ISBN 9791220119672

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Farewell Wendy is an extremely touching tale. One that asks all the readers’ sensibilities be brought to bear on this story. Wendy has to carry the weight of the lack of affection. Her ongoing search for this feeling will confront her with choices to be made; intimate choices that will also affect her loved ones. Will she make the right choice? Sometimes we take things close to us for granted and only when we lose them, we realise their true importance. This story makes us consider how much importance we attribute to things.

Michele J Dulay spent her undergrad working in the music industry filming music videos and working with clients to allow them to show their emotions through art. She became drawn toward the idea of wanting to help others use their voices in a way that she could relate to, by telling stories that are familiar to others to create a safe place. She found herself in grad school where the story of Farewell Wendy came to life. She hopes to continue writing stories to help others relate to emotions they are too scared to let slip of their tongue. Dulay currently lives in Northeast Ohio where she spends her days painting and reading until the skies grow dark.


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