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Farewell Party is an autobiographical novel and consists of three sections. The first section shows two farewell rituals: an aged man in his late 70s performs in the high mountain before the tombs of his ancestors with a flutist playing Daegeum sanjo (a piece of traditional Korean melodies). The other ritual with a pansori song follows the first one before a tomb on the seashore of an uninhabited island. The book’s second section appears as a flow of the aged man’s consciousness, so it seems not to follow the physical sequence of time. The sea, which used to be near in his boyhood, turns up vividly through his retrospection. Then, unexpectedly, there appears a flamenco dancer.
He had met her one time in Portland when she was a little girl. He receives an email message from her informing him that she is to visit Tokyo. He flies to Tokyo imagining that the little sea returns to him, surrealistically changing itself into a flamenco dancer. And He recalls and misses a street guitarist, an amateur magician, and painters in Changdong who are alive or not in this world. But unfortunately, he’s not in good health, so he secluded himself from society.
In the final section, the aged man, living alone since then, is drawn to an unavoidable voice of conscience from within: Join those who resist social injustice. So he orders himself to go outside and join the demonstrations against the election fraud in the April 15 General Election. He is sure the country will face a severe social crisis resulting from that illegal election committed by the ruling party under the threatening Coronavirus pandemic atmosphere.

Joon Kim is the Author of ‘Landscapes Invisible’, an autobiographical literary book of fact-fiction now available at Amazon and Barnett & Nobles. He is a writer and flamenco performance planner, doctorate in international politics, lives in Masan, South Korea, where he was born in 1944. Joon Kim has written eight literary books in Korean and one e-book in English and translated four English books into Korean. He worked for Kyung Nam Domin Daily in Kyung Nam Do as an editorial writer (1999-2001). In addition, the Author produced and directed five flamenco-pansori performances (2005- 2013). He is the author of seven fact-fiction books in Korean on local painters and their artworks, in a series titled “Chang Dong in Blue,” published for 15 years of 2004-2019.


Andong Daily – Article

Review – Published in the KyungNam Daily on March 3, 2022

4 reviews for FAREWELL PARTY – Joon Kim

  1. 4 out of 5

    Jung Kyu Kim, ex-professor

    Dr. Kim, concentrating on the flamenco, deep songs of the cave of the heart, where ‘pain taps out its rhythm and sorrow’.
    expressed not the only sensibility of modern art but also his anti-government and political freedom in his newly-published Farewell Party, In the book, he let the romantic passion and classical restraint, with the former being stronger.

  2. 4 out of 5

    Chegal Sun, artist

    It was strange and impressive to see an old man in his late 70s saying goodbye to his 20-year-old grandmother who was buried there in front of a grave next to an oak tree on a high mountain.//

  3. 4 out of 5

    MyungHo Rho, English teacher

    The monologue the aged whispers is sad but romantic! I love it:
    The aged man then has a farewell party with his friends at a cafe in ChangDong, the old downtown of Masan, where he lives. To a friend of them, he whispered in a low voice as below:
    “from now on, I wish I could face the rest of my life like men of an American Indian tribe! When they are young, they run through the plains, ‘with both eyes that are stable horizontally.’ And when they get old, they go into the woods alone to return in silence to the earth where their lives were initially part of it!”

  4. 5 out of 5

    Laurena M

    Dear Joon!
    I am so enjoying your book and for me, this is your finest work. I love it!!!! Just love it.
    I am very happy to hear you have a bit of peace from your election. I know the feeling!!
    Mil abrazos,

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