EMIL FINCH – Anthony Gimpel

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You are Emil Finch. You live in London, deeply troubled by the events of the Holocaust. You are a land surveyor. Do you listen to Dick, your young assistant? What happened in the Zoo? How does a cockatoo talk to Nelson on his column in Trafalgar Square? What did you do when you gave a piece of Chelsea bun to the cockatoo? Will the police inspector find where you bought the bun? Who is the old lady? What does a tramp hold for you? And the young woman you’ve met. Does she love you? Do you love her? Who on earth is D? So many questions. How can you resolve any of them?

Anthony Gimpel is the son of Jewish refugees from Hitler and coming to terms with the Holocaust and accepting his Jewish inheritance have been ongoing refrains in his life. He’s been writing since he was young: poems and short essays. He enjoys improvised dance, and theatre as an actor, backstage and in the audience.
He’s been influenced by Greek myths, James Joyce’s Ulysses, and the poems of Jacques Prévert and Catullus.
He has had a diverse working career, civil engineer, land surveyor, teacher of drama and movement, finally working in his local Borough Council, looking after listed buildings. He is married and lives in Loughborough.


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