ECHRON – Chris Corben

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Pages: 122
Language: English
ISBN 9791220122269

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Echron is the story of three evil messy spirits, Traxar, Calec and Sucelly, who come out of a portal and decide to stand in front of the earth. They came because they want earth to spin around, because they experienced the Big Bang and they found it lovely. They have stolen something from someone, which gives them possibility to affect a gangster called by second-coming-Christ, the coming founder of Echron, the place where God’s angels fight for power on earth. But they do not have the key to paradise.
The spirits get very interested in a gangster called Kristoffer. The protagonist, in cooperation with his friends Patrikk and Hector, will search for the key to paradise, a paradise for gangsters, but he has to struggle with his crew, against whom he turns around, also fighting himself. In the end, Kristoffer will get help from the superhuman Carla from the hidden place, which he ends up in because of the stolen goods.

Chris Corben is a forty-year-old man, born in December 1980 and grown up in Norway’s third largest city, together with his sister and his parents. In his early teens, Chris was active in amateur film production and creative design. Chris’s interest in films led him to work in various video stores in the 1990s and in an advertising agency as a graphic designer. His creative abilities are related to writing stories and therefore the fantasy story of Echron became a book.
In the early 2000s, Chris Corben entered an environment where there was intoxication and drugs. This lasted for a few years before he came out of this environment. He is very fond of spiritual people and tries to meditate every day. He loves his family and is always at his parents’ hut. He is crazy about Christmas. Today, Chris Corben is working on several follow-ups of Echron.


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