Drift, The Awakening – Iria Enahoro

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Pages: 457
Language: English
ISBN 9791220114295

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The year 2036 marks the sixth anniversary of global peace, after the end of world war three. One organization rules worldwide: The Guard Regency, a new modern-day society founded by seven Regents. They maintain peace through the absolute power of its World Citizens. Carmen Aicher pays her dues for her rebellious spirit. It all begins on a common day, during a common university lesson. Carmen attends the university of Rockdale in the English Colony, where she finds herself narcotized by a drug called Drift, a bridge between man and technology able to rewrite damaged DNA structures. It is out to destroy her life and the lives of her friends. Under the influence of Drift, Carmen and Theo are confronted with their shadow sides and tough decisions, which tests their morality. Strangers to themselves and six fellow Drifters, they must remember their true identity before their hopeless society tells them who they should be.

Iria Enahoro wrote Drift, the Awakening when she was sixteen years old and continued to develop the story over the course of ten years. She was born in San Francisco, United States of America on the 21st of January in 1995 to parents of German and Nigerian descent. She currently resides in Germany and is fluent in German, Dutch and English. Her debut novel is part of a trilogy series that is inspired by her dynamic life and worldview. The morality of her storytelling is rooted in her Christian faith. Iria’s academic background in film and media paved her way to create, write and produce indie films together with a close group of friends from all creative walks of life. She is the CEO and film producer of her own production company called ‘Rogue Nation Studios’, which has multiple passion projects lined up for production. Iria also has an online Christian ministry under the name ‘Rogue Refuge Ministry’, which is active on Instagram and YouTube.

1 review for Drift, The Awakening – Iria Enahoro

  1. 5 out of 5

    Tara Müller

    Incredible Sci-fi Book with a ton of elements that show parallels with the most important topics of today’s world. Great humor and jokes all throughout the book lift your spirits along the dark journey the main characters are taking. For me personally the best book I have read in the past years!

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