Deeno loses his sunglasses – Aaron Broughton

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Pages: 18
Language: English
ISBN 9791220128469

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A children’s book, in the format of poetry with humour, lessons and interaction, happily accompanied by beautiful illustrations. Small skillfully orchestrated Mother Goose’s doggerel mark the adventures of Deeno, who, thanks to the help of two children, struggles to find his sunglasses.
A little lesson to never abandon the others, a teaching to help everyone in the difficulties of life. To be read aloud at school as well as with all the family.

Aaron Broughton – born Kiwi in New Zealand, in the small country town of Patea South Taranaki. He was brought up within a community where respect, loyalty and family was paramount.
He was taught all this from his elders past and present, and was lucky enough to be taught this also, by his father Dee and his mother Florence, whom he is blessed and proud to be able to call himself their son. Now residing in Sydney, Australia, the Author grasps from writing a sense of satisfaction in regard with being able to express in multiple ways, connecting with others, bringing joy to their lives as well.


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