CROSSING LIVES – Elizabeth Randall

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Pages: 384
Language: English
ISBN 9791220116190

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Two strangers’ lives are linked, two families prevail over adversity. Whilst juggling the demands of her job, her family and a bereaved parent, Helen discovers a revealing and shocking family secret. Ian, meanwhile, is struggling to overcome his illness. His obsession leads him to Helen and to a new realisation and the road to recovery.
Overall, this novel is a tribute to the power of family to offer succour and support. It tells of generosity of friendship and selflessness, and the acts of kindness to strangers that can make a difference that will be life enhancing.

Elizabeth Randall was a General Medical Practioner for thirty years in London and Scotland. In retirement she has taken up painting and has written haiku. This is her first novel. It draws upon both her professional and personal experiences.


2 reviews for CROSSING LIVES – Elizabeth Randall

  1. 4 out of 5

    Jutta Birkenhauer

    In her debut novel, the author explores the depth of depression and grief. So much could have gone wrong: many different time zones, 2 parallel story lines … but it didn’t! The readers always know where they are and which life they are following. The structure in all its complexity remains clear and follows a thread right to the very end. It gives a very powerful, realistic insight into mental health problems and their effects on peoples’ lives. A very good first novel, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and one can only hope the author is encouraged to write another one.

  2. 4 out of 5

    Val Milne

    Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Liked the characters and wanted to keep reading to find out more about them and how they were all linked. The author kept me wanting to turn the pages right to the end.

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