CONSTANT – I, the person

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Pages: 318
Language: English
ISBN 9791220127370

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The author takes the reader through the worst, but also the most beautiful moments of his life, reflecting about the modern society and on the most important topics of our time, such as religion, time, universe and what it means to be human. Human and social contradictions will be unmasked, and the reader will be asked to reflect on the meaning of life and religion.
This book will continuously create doubts and make the reader question his beliefs, the way the contemporary society works and the reader’s purpose on Earth.
Constant is the author’s honest view and thoughts on the world, it is both provocative and challenging, philosophical and religious. Some ideas expressed in this book are very traditional and near to Christianity, while others take distance from the tradition, trying to push its limits.
This book is an interesting read, whose aim is to open the mind of the reader and let him reason about the world he lives in.


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