COLORED – Pierre Sainte-Luce

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Pages: 212
Language: English
ISBN 9791220129459

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“My name is Elsa. I have the same first name as another Elsa – my ancestor on my father’s side, who was born in West Africa in 1685. It has been 300 years since my first name traveled through the generations, and I inherited it.”

Colored is an intense novel about a deep family bond that spans centuries and continents. The story is rooted in the fertile lands of the French colony Guadeloupe where, in the early 18th century, a young woman named Elsa is taken to work in a plantation as a slave, after being torn from her homeland. The crystal blue waters of the beautiful island and the healing powers of its plants won’t cure the deep wound caused by this trauma.
This “generational wound” will create an indissoluble connection with one of her descendants, of the same name, living in France in the 21st century. The novel combines historical accuracy and great human depth to relate the story of two women bound by the same blood, the same name and, perhaps, the same destiny.


22/06/2023 – Book Launch (Flyer) 


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