CLOUDY – Mauro Lacovich

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ISBN 9791220123457

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Cloudy is one of the many clouds that live in the sky. He is a rain cloud, but he is different from his counterparts: he doesn’t know when he will let out the rain he carries. That causes a lot of problems to everyone that crosses Cloudy’s path: a sleeping cat, Grandma Betty and even a shoe shiner waiting for a customer. Cloudy is sad for all the problem he causes and that is why he will try hard to solve the problem, through the help of a wise friend.
Mauro Lacovich used his knowledge in psychology to write a delightful therapeutic story for children, with lovely illustrations to help them understand how to acknowledge when it’s time to go to the bathroom.

Mauro Lacovich as a psychologist and psychotherapist, uses stories in therapy and books. This is why he is recognized as the successor of Jorge Bucay. He explores the application of stories and metaphors in the context of hypnotherapy. In working with special-needs individuals, he has proven the power of storytelling through results that had otherwise been considered impossible.
Therapeutic stories for children are his passion. He developed his unique style by studying the principles of cybernetics and hermeneutics, disciplines that he employs as a psychotherapist.
He teaches to professionals and parents how to use and write therapeutic stories for children.
He is the author of many popular books and stories for children and adults. Many of the stories that have been recounted to him have not yet been written down but continue to live on in the oral tradition in which they are remembered and cherished.


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