BROKEN DIAMONDS – Smanga Shabangu

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ISBN 9791220122948

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“As I slowly came to the conclusion that I needed to get rid of these broken diamonds, my thoughts began to borrow and mix words from the great Whitney Houston’s ‘Where do broken hearts go…’, albeit mine went along the lines of, ‘Where do broken diamonds go, when there is no way going home…?’
‘Where do they go, actually?’ I proceeded to ask myself, knowing full well I did not have an inkling of an idea.”
Broken Diamonds is the story of a great adventure. Agent Plankton, Agent Pace and Agent Phunther are the three heroes who will carry out this mission with the great courage of which only a true Team is capable.

Smanga Shabangu is a South African living in Johannesburg and is currently in their third year of the four year BA Visual Arts (Hons) degree program. Smanga is the author of the new book, Broken Diamonds: Tales of my Carat Disposal Team, and this is their debut literary work.
As a self-taught graphic designer, drawing artist, photographer, creative writer, and editor, Smanga has been practising as a design creative for more than 18 years. During their spare time, Smanga added more creative skills in the form of 3D design visualization, contemporary drawing, technical drawing, digital music production, and the basics of aviation – with sculpting and painting to follow by the end of 2022.
Smanga has aspirations of becoming a private pilot. Moreover to simply being an aviation enthusiast, Smanga’s main reason for vying to becoming a pilot is just so they can keep a promise they made to their first and only daughter on her first birthday; one they intend to keep.
As a design creative, Smanga plans to establish their own Creation College that will offer select design and art curricula, in order to train the next generation of young creatives in highly creative programs.


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