BIRTH OF A NEUROMEDICINE – Dr. Jean-François Huber

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The theory of neuromedicine involves an understanding of humans as having three components: mind, body and neuroenergy. Its techniques allow the medical practitioner to stimulate the body to heal itself and allows an individual to gain a better health condition and a healthier outlook. This is a new approach to medicine that we now have, thanks to the advances in the neurosciences, advances that confirm the validity of the neurological hypotheses formulated by Dr. Huber. No medical substitutions and no untimely surgeries to resolve the body’s deficiencies. Neuromedicine is an effective re-education that relies on the undeniable clinical findings which are revealed by the examination of the skin through the rolling palpation technique. This procedure is based on the inherent healing potential in the diseased patient and permits the inversion of neurological reactions. The treatment works through an aggravation which is as intense as it is temporary. Due to the adaptation potential stimulated by the actions of neuromedical treatments, the body is healed and the spirit is appeased. Neuromedicine allows the achievement of a rapid result for all acute disorders. It is especially indispensable in all chronic disorders whether they are organic ones or not. In the long run, its action prevents the risk of disease. More than just healing, it teaches healthiness.

The first part of this book comprises a brief history and a definition of neuromedicine, while the second part is conceived as a discussion of the principles of this medical field. In addition, it addresses the importance of rolling palpation in diagnostics and therapy as well as multiple microinjections under the skin in treatment. Thanks to the insertion of case reports, one of the author’s marathon experiences, and a discussion of further neurofunctional re-education types of medicine, the last section enriches the reading by providing a practical focus. A brief note on the future of neuromedicine constitutes the ideal conclusion to this illuminating, thought-provoking work.

Dr. Jean-François Huber, general practitioner and hydrotherapist for thirty years, is the first physician to propose a resolution to diseases and pain through a neurological reeducation. He brings into medicine an innovation based on neurological physiology and neurosciences.


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