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“And as old Sam went along his troubled path of life, he stared down to the corner of Sue Street… where young lives had been struck down by the bullets of law and order, where they had been snuffed out by gangs, and where they were ditched by drugs; where vagrants, burnt by alcohol, fell in the oblivion of mind and body; where rats chased the fattest cats in and out of homes without doors nor windows, and where the rest were insignificant static molecules that wandered in the torpor of the air as in the hot, muggy August afternoons in the South.”
Any attempt to describe white attitudes toward Negroes in the 1870s or the 1890s, or immediately before or after World War I, must necessarily rely on impressionistic or anecdotal evidence or maybe on letters or diaries of those years.
This is the story of MISCEGENATION.
“… the American White Man and Negro”.
This is the story of Wilma and Jacob.
This is the story of Sam.
This is the story of Many Others, of each of us.
This is the story of Submission.
This is the story of Awareness.
This is the story of Identity.

Natale Caruso, born in Licodia Eubea (Italy), emigrated to the United States at the age of twenty. He attended his first studies in Australia to conclude his graduation at the Brooklyn and Hunter Colleges in New York City. Postgraduate studies at UCLA and New York University and, at present, He is an adjunct professor of foreign languages at CUNY.


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