Back to square one – Lianné J v Rensburg

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Pages: 158
Language: English
ISBN 9791220117517

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Samantha ‘Sam’ Preston is a normal girl with a normal life, until one day, a tragic accident turns her world upside down and changes her life forever. Three years later, a new and improved Sam is back in her old town, ready to start fresh and leave the past in the past. But life never goes as planned, and Sam is forced to face her demons. Her school nemesis, her first unrequited love, the loss of her younger brother and the shame from her damaged family’s heritage will drag her right back to square one. But when all is lost, will love win out. Will it be enough to guide her through her darkest hours and give her the strength to confront the scariest demon of all, her future?
Back to square one shows the reader how life goes implacably on – even when everything else doesn’t – and how love will shed a light and find a way to chase away the darkness.

Lianné J v Rensburg was born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa, in the house her parents built from the ground up, surrounded by a big family. She loved cooking, and dreamed one day to run her own B&B. But life takes unexpected twists and turns. When her younger brother passed away, she found some comfort in mystery novels and in the writing assignments she got from her teachers in school. From those early essays and the feelings she put on paper to deal with her loss, Sam’s story came to life. After 13 years, this book of loss, pain and young love is finally ready for the public to enjoy.


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