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ISBN 9791220124911

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Almost Romances while travelling the World is a vibrant and contemporary story, an autobiographical stream of consciousness with no lies and trickeries.
It engages readers with deep but never heavy contents.
It deserves to be read.

Robert Fink was born in Gyor, Hungary in 1970.
Growing up, he always had a great fascination for other cultures and other languages.
Fink has lived in six different countries and can speak three languages fluently.
He has a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, as well as one in Technical Translations, he successfully completed an MBA course and, as a professional, he has worked with some of the most notable engineering, software, and technology companies in the world.
He has been married once and has no children.
Fink has double citizenship, having recently become an official British citizen. He now resides in London, where he has his own business and works as a freelancer for multinational clients, while he is also handling all sorts of investments and businesses, exploring and using his creative mind to create a brighter future for himself and his future family.




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