ALASTAIR – Joseph Yarmonth Misamesso Drissou

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Pages: 164
Language: English
ISBN 9791220150491

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Alastair takes readers on a journey into the realm of Ouradiso, where conflicts among powerful figures and mystical beings unfold. Throughout the adventure, the characters confront inner and outer adversaries while grappling with existential dilemmas as they grapple with themes of faith, redemption, and the afterlife. A profound exploration of human experience is offered to readers through the weaving of spirituality, moral quandaries, and allegorical elements.

There was a resounding silence,
And the sounds of panics around the little boy,
The heartbeats of his paters now deeply in tears,
And the surprising expression of joy
on the knight’s confident
face after he put his hand
on the little boy’s chest.
The instant was absolutely the brightest.
It was interestingly the richest,
In emotion, in compassion, in love, in mindedness.

Yarmonth’s passion for poetry blossomed into a fervent pursuit in junior high school, igniting his soul with creativity. In each stanza, he delved deep into the recesses of his imagination, weaving threads of experience and emotion. Using words, he sculpted the contours of the human experience by painting the colors of his innermost thoughts and feelings. Insatiable curiosity and an unwavering love of language drove Yarmonth to explore the rich tapestry of literary traditions from around the world. He embraced diverse forms and styles, each offering a new perspective on poetry. Through his verses, he invites readers to embark on a voyage of self-discovery, where words become vessels of meaning and beauty. As his poetic spirit continues to soar, Yarmonth’s love for words remains an eternal beacon of hope and creativity, casting its light across the everchanging landscape of the human experience.


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