ALARM! – Roberto Muylaert

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“At the beginning of his first trip into combat, Werner suddenly realized what a difficult spot he had gotten himself into. There he was, a crew member of a vessel whose mission was to wander the depths of the sea, in a precarious existence for fifty-four men, all of whom were Germans, except for him, under the possibility of attacking or being attacked at any moment…”
After three months of glorious missions, all ended in triumph, the Brazilian sailor, Werner Hoodhart proposes to his comrades to stop their U-199 at Praia Grande to enjoy a caipirinha.
Alarm! offers in vivid and powerful details a deep insight into the submarine battles during World War II and a realistic representation not only of the life of soldiers on a sub but of Brazil from 1942.

Roberto Muylaert was born in Santos, Brazil, in 1935, he is an expert in WWII, especially on the submarine war. He graduated from Mackenzie University in São Pauloas as a civil engineer, in 1959. Publisher, Editor, and Writer, started his journalistic career in 1964 at Editora Abril. Founder of RMC Editora, he also published magazines and books. He was also the President of the São Paulo Biennale, in 1984/85 and was elected President of ANER, the Association of Brazilian Magazines for four years. Among his nine books published, there’s another one related to the war besides Alarm! – called 1943, it deals with the visit of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to the NorthEast of Brazil, during the war, to meet Getulio Vargas, Brazil’s President.


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