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Advices on Marriage revolves around an absolute fact: marriage is not easy, it can be a heaven or a hell as we choose to make it.
There are no perfect recipes, every person is different and so is every marriage.
But if it’s true that we are masters of our own fate, we just must learn to be mindful in our married life. So, this book helps us to better understand the meaning of marriage through the different personalities and facets and how to avoid conflict and misunderstanding.

Mary Joseph has been a writer for over seven years.
The author holds an educational background in Psychology with counselling and International law.
Mary works as a relationship counsellor and as a paralegal. Given her experience in relationships, she believes that marriage is hard work but not all marriages need to end up in divorce.
Currently, she lives in London and she enjoys spending time with her family and her beloved pets.
As well as being a prolific writer, she is also a musician and producer.


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