A FATHER’S DAUGHTER – Swastika Juggernath

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Pages: 297
Language: English
ISBN 9791220130622

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A Father’s Daughter is both a journey through grief and the healing of the soul. By adopting an intimate and familiar style of writing, the author uncovers the painful reality behind the loss of a loved one. Nothing could have prepared her for the sudden loss of her father due to the Covid-19 pandemic. By sharing her experience as well as her childhood memories, the author takes the reader by the hand and shows how grief is often followed by regret and anger, especially when facing the loss of someone we consider special and irreplaceable. Nevertheless, recovering is possible although equally painful. It requires a high price to pay and afterwards, as the author suggests, it usually drives you to ask yourself more questions in the attempt to prepare the ones who will, in the future, find themselves in the same situation.

Swastika Juggernath, a sneaker portfolio manager by day at Bata South Africa, possess a PHD in Bus Sc. and is also a mum of two kids with a peculiar sense of humour to stay sane. Named after the originating, ancient, well-wishing Hindu Sanskrit symbol, Swastika can herself be found reading and researching when she is not passionately writing. Swastika’s passion for writing stemmed at an early stage when she enjoyed writing essays and continued even after she escalated her writing through academic levels until her long-life dream of PHD, achieved in 2020. She doesn’t consider herself a famous writer but only an average mum and daughter who has experienced grief and now has decided to share it with the world.


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