A critical investigation into the role of MBTI personality type in the success of the Congolese female entrepreneurs of the Congo-Kinshasa – Kraus Kanku Mulaya

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Kraus’ book is like a crossroads in the middle of the village where entrepreneurs from all walks of life and from any background get inspired on how to succeed in entrepreneurial activity.

Kraus Mulaya has offered us a gem through his exploration of the challenges faced by Congolese female entrepreneurs. This book is a “must-read” for any woman who wants to unlock her entrepreneurial potential, as it explores the subject on multiple levels, including business acumen and personality traits that are elements of success. Kraus’ deep-dive into the personality traits that drive Congo’s female entrepreneurs is calculated and insightful, as he used the internationally-acclaimed MBTI survey to measure entrepreneurial ability based on specific personality traits. His multi-faceted approach to unpacking the entrepreneurial structure and challenges in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is something that has not been addressed previously. Interestingly, though, this book will assist any entrepreneur who wants to better understand how the nexus of personality, work ethic, and societal factors contribute to entrepreneurial engagement. It is both a virtual and printed textbook for entrepreneurs in Congo, but is written in a way that is both engaging and profound.

Mark T. McCord
Chief of Party, USAID Economic Security Program (Tbilisi, Georgia) and Former Director and Chief of Party of the USAID-funded YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa (Nairobi, Kenya)

Born in the remote area of Kakenge, Territory of Mweka in the Kasaï-Occidental Province (current Province of Kasaï) in the “heart” of the Democratic Republic of the Congo – Central Africa, Kraus Mulaya is a Social, Education & Digital Entrepreneur who graduated in the Business and Entrepreneurship track of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Regional Leadership Center East Africa in Nairobi, Kenya, which is a legacy program of U.S. President Barack Obama, jointly funded by the United States Agency for International Development and the private sector. A Program & Project Development Senior Specialist, Education Promotion and Public Information Technocrat as well as a Sworn Translator, Kraus founded the “Collège Kanku Mulaya’s” schools (Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary), to improve children’s education, especially those coming from poorer backgrounds. His aim is to ensure that vulnerable children, including girls, have access to quality education. He is also the founder of “Community Development Actions – Bwino” and “Mulaya Global Services Consulting” with which he provided in 2015 materials for the route rehabilitation of Opala-Kisangani, in the Tshopo Province (Eastern-DRC) in partnership with the Belgian Agency for Development (CTB-RDC). Currently Doctor Ph.D. Student in Library and Data Management at the Bircham International University, Kraus holds an MBA in Leadership and Sustainability from the University of Cumbria and an MA (DUSIB) in Library and Information Sciences from the “Université Senghor”.


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