27 KEYS TO LIFE – Iulia Roxana Sirghe

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Pages: 79
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ISBN 9791220115698

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“Within my journey of life, I have found so many locked doors which kept me away from achieving my dreams, my goals, my ambitions, my happiness, my love. Very soon I understood that for all the doors there are also so many keys to open them. But before struggling to find those keys, I had to sit down and find the first key which led me to all others – the key to my Heart.” 27 Keys to Life is a book that each of us should read, an inspiring book for ourselves and for the journey we follow. A path of life that flows through twenty-seven fundamental mantras, which lead each of us towards awareness, like a beacon.
“Thank you for being, your simple existence matters! There is somebody relying on you out there, in need of you, of who you are, of your love, of your compassion, of your support, get out there and live the best experiences you can possibly create! You have the power!”

Iulia Roxana Sirghe is a passionate of psychology and human mind and behavior. She just got her Certificates as Transformational Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence and confidence coach, and soon she will get her Certificate for being a Spiritual Coach and Mentor. She spends most of her time with meditation and studying. She also has certification for Positive Psychology. Her purpose is to help others into transforming their lives through self-awareness and self-development, since she believes we have the power within us to create the happiness we dream about, and the Universe and its laws are a great source of power for creation. There are many tools to be discovered that can lead us into manifesting our authentic reality, love and prosperity – and this is her field of knowledge and interest.


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